We are coming to the end of the SOS – Sponsors of September Campaign and we are so close to the 30 sponsors in 30 days. To date we have had 35 amazing people step up to help children living in poverty and we need 4 more amazing people to say YES to investing in the life of a child. Please look at the children waiting for you and consider being a HERO in their life!

Joe and Amy Brock

Joe and Amy Brock

Joe and Amy Brock

Today’s Sponsor Child.

meke joelle

DAY 29

Joelle and Meke

And so here we are on DAY 29 and here is the opportunity to exercise that life secret and do something for someone else. Below are the two youngest and newest additions to Beyond Uganda (Joelle & Meke). They desperately need sponsors to have a safe life now and hope for a future! Be a HERO and then share the secret!  

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Erumbi Diana

DOB 11/27/07


Erumbi Diana lives in a village on the outskirts of Bugiri District in Eastern Uganda. She lives in a shanty shack with her mother that suffers from mental illness. Because of this illness, the mother does not care or provide for Diana and she has never been to school. Diana is quite the dancer and loves to play jokes and is looking forward to going to school and learning to read.

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It is day 29 of our month long sponsorship drive and already God has answered our prayers.  He has softened your hearts to love and share in the future of the few children God has entrusted with Beyond Uganda.  35 children have been saved from poverty and had their lives changed forever.

If you’ll look to the left of the screen you will see the child God has chosen to spotlight today.  Click on their picture and you will be able to read the rest of their story.  God is good… ALL the time.  Thank you for visiting our site.  We pray that God is the Savior in your life as he is in ours.

Please click here and Meet all our Children.

Thank you Lisa Price for making the amazing sacrifice and choice to be a HERO in Erumbi Diana’s life! Your sponsorship means she has opportunities many kids take for granted but in Uganda never dream they could have. You are such a huge blessing to Diana but you will be equally as blessed by this precious girl. Thank you again for being the hands and feet and practical love of Christ to Diana. We are proud to partner with you, welcome to the Beyond Uganda family.

A Huge Thank You to Rhonda and Naeem Shaikh for opening up their hearts to Akuku Mercy and giving their resources, love and prayers to support this sweet girl into the future and give her opportunities she would have never dreamed possible. In a country that does not value girls and often deny them education, with God all things are possible and it is an honor to partner with people like Naeem and Rhonda that don’t want to miss what God is doing! Thank you for being the HEREOS in Mercy’s life!

A huge thank you to Vicki Hayden and welcome to the Beyond Uganda family. Vicki is already a sponsor and supporter of what God is doing in Uganda but still found room in her heart and family for Nakato Winnie!!! You can never know how much you have blessed Winnie’s life and how much your family will be blessed in return. Thank you again for your amazing heart and obedience to Gods calling.

As we begin preparing the Namayemba land for God’s work we realize the enemy will not be pleased.  We have already seen attacks coming from many directions.  In anticipation we are looking for prayer partners, willing to select a time slot and for the next three months pray for guidance and protection for those on the ground in Uganda.  Our goal is to have at least one partner praying evey minute of every day.  Split into 15 minute slots, feel free to select more than one.  Would you please consider joining us?

Select your time slot now!

Change a Life?

OK.  You’re here and want to help?  Perhaps you’ve heard about our Entrepreneur Loan Program.  Click here -> Twezimbe Project to learn more about the program and if you feel led, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page and make a donation.  You won’t regret it.