Donate for Water

There are so many ways that poor quality water effects the lives of those living in third world counties.  For instance it:

Prevents Children from going to school

Sick with Malaria or intestinal organisms keeps many students from being able to attend school.  Not only do they not feel like being there, many schools won’t allow them attend when they are sick.

Increases medical costs

Malaria and parasites require medicines to cure.

Decreases work efficiency

Although many continue to work, they certainly aren’t able to work as hard when they are ill.

Did you know that every 20 SECONDS a child dies from water related illnesses.

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That’s right.  The children of Uganda drink the dirty water you see in this picture.  That dirty, disease infested water comes from bore holes like the one below.  IMG imediately water appears people step in to draw water 1They are holes normally no more than a few feet deep and located where water will run down into them when it rains.  Or it may come from a ditch on the side of the road. 

So how can you help?  Here are 2 affordable ways that you can help save lives.

mama natchi is a single mother she says tha has been spending abig part of her money typhoid but now she is free from such


A $60 water filter can change a family for years to come.
A Tiva Water Bio Sand Filter can serve a family, church or school for up to 10 years with clean, healthy, life saving water.
And the second way to help is to be part of a team to provide a community well. A clean water well will provide clean water for an entire community, serving thousands sometimes for a lifetime. Imagine the lives changed by this simple but amazing gift to a community.
11132008 10203988134574911 1004239460 oA clean water well to be dug costs $3,500 and is personally overseen by the Beyond Uganda staff and is also followed up by staff to make sure the community is benefiting from the well and it is maintained.