NAME:  Adongo Mishell

GENDER: Female

BIRTHDAY: 1/19/2013

LOCATION: Namayemba

● Lives in a rural part of a Bugiri-Namayemba village
● Parents are casual laborers and cannot afford basic needs
● Wants to become a teacher in the future
● The family struggles to afford one meal a day

Location: East Africa

Form of Government: Presidential Republic

Population: 45,711,874

Primary Language: English (taught in schools) & 56 Tribal Languages

Primary Religion: Muslim & Christianity

  • 79.9% of homes are child-headed
  • 50% of the country’s population is under 15 years old
  • 27% of adults are illiterate, most of whom are women
  • 68.2% drop out of primary school, of which most are girls

When a child is fully sponsored they receive:

  • Full medical care
  • Regular, nutritional meals
  • Tuition for an education (School is not free in Uganda)
  • School supplies
  • Clean clothing and shoes


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