As you may have heard or read, Beyond Uganda was conceptualized after a group returned from what was Heartland Worship Center’s first Uganda mission trip with Compassion International.  On that trip hearts were touched and relationships created.  One of those relationships was with a young man, an LDP with Compassion names Juma.  Over the next 12 months Juma and several others communicated with members of that trip and helped develop what is now, Beyond Uganda.  Juma had no aspirations of becoming a pastor but looked on himself as a worker, one on the ground sharing Jesus with others much like one of Jesus’ desciple’s.  During the next Compassion trip a visit was made to a group of Believers in a village just outside of Bugiri Uganda.  A banner was carried from Heartland Worship Center in America and hangs yet today in the first structure built on that land.  Now more than 100 members strong 3 other churches have been formed, the latest on the new Namayemba land, a 40 acre plus plot recently purchased by Beyond Uganda.
God continues to use Juma in spreading His word in this land full of witch doctors and evil spirits.  Many have been lead to Christ but we feel God’s hand at work knowing we’ve only just begun spreading His Word in this region.  Please lift Juma and his staff up in your daily prayers.